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Hi I'm Mervyn. I have been a sewing machine mechanic since 1986 {37 years ago} fixing all makes & models of sewing machines. I started fixing Bernina to begin with and then went on to fix all other makes like Singer, Elna, Janome, Riccar, Bernette, New Home, Brother, Frister & Rossmann etc. I also built this website and add manuals when needed. Over the last 17 years i have added up to 3000 sewing machine manuals. If you cannot find your manual on this site, PLEASE email me and i will try and find the manual.

Manuals are for download straight away after payment. If you forget to click on the return to the website button after you paid to download the manual, Email us with your email address you paid with and i will resend the manual. If you do not receive your manual, Please check your spam folder before you Email Us

All Manuals $7.95 Or Less

Union Special Industrial Sewing Machine Style 51400BP Streamlined Fifty Thousand Series 52700BK 52700BL 52700BM 52700BN 52700BP 52700BR 52700BS 52700BT 52700BU 52700BV List of Parts Book

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